FOUNDERS FIGHT NIGHT is back in Munich!



Join us in the ring for a second and last time this year.

The Founders Fight Night is still and forever the toughest Startup Competition known to mankind.

Why is it tough? Brave Startup participants will pitch-fight in a real boxing ring. We match two worthy but equal opponents who will attack and defend their business ideas verbally in three intense rounds. This is the place where all the great startup stories begin. To underscore that special flavor, we also show you some actual boxing fights!

We grow bigger and better every time so don’t miss out on the glorious 6th round of the Founders Fight Night in its hometown, Munich. As always, the event will take place at our favorite boxing gym: The famous BOXWERK!

You can find all the relevant event info here.

This is the big boxing show, the ultimate honest pitching competition, the go-to event for the local startup scene!

Join us for the best startup party in town and get your ticket here.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Your Team at the Founders Fight Club