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Mobile insights for the physical world

If you’re a people person who loves to make things happen, never gives up and enjoys thinking strategically, this is the job for you.

What we do

Locarta does location analytics. This means we analyse where groups of people go in the real world and look for patterns and insights. We’re developing many products around this, such as measuring advertising effectiveness, or: „Does Lidl advertising really send people to Lidl?“.

To do so we have a market research panel of people who’ve agreed to share their location with us. We’re at over 1m people now, and the challenge is to define and sell products based on all this data.

What we can offer you

As a key member of the business department, you’ll play an important role in daily decision making and developing the strategy for the overall direction of the company. You will take ownership of projects and be responsible for driving them forward. We’re happy to throw as much responsibility at you as you can take, and you should be someone who thrives on it.

Part of the beauty of a start-up is that it allows you to try different things. There are projects to be had that touch business development, marketing, process management and public relations, to name a few. We’re happy for you to try owning some of these until you work out what fits you best. On the other hand if you already have a good idea what that is, we’re also fine with you concentrating on it.

You’ll be working day-to-day with the founders, who have between them founded a tech hedge fund and a Y Combinator-backed startup, built a mobile ad tech platform and worked at McKinsey. We believe that people are never truly happy unless they’re learning something, and we’ll make sure you’re given plenty of opportunities to do so yourself.


– Partner identification and contact – identify apps that could integrate our SDK, help craft a story that appeals to them, get in touch and help manage the sales process
– Right hand of the CEO – act as a sounding board for Jan, working closely with him to deliver the company’s top strategic priorities
– Strategic voice – contribute to the debate on the direction of the company and its priorities (always the most crucial decisions in a startup), collecting data to help guide decisions
– Other – part of your responsibilities will be defined by you. You should suggest initiatives to improve company performance and follow through on them

You should be:

– A hustler who isn’t afraid to get your hands dirty – you want results, not just theories. You like to shape the world around you, rather than vice versa. You’re at your most comfortable having the freedom to work out what needs changing – and then just doing it. You’re not happy until you have something concrete to show for your work. You respect the rules but enjoy colouring outside the lines now and then
– A people person – you’re an outgoing, engaging and relaxed personality who enjoys talking to strangers and isn’t afraid to make cold calls
– A digital native who’s always thinking about how technology can be improved, is curious and has broad interests
– Analytical and not afraid of data – you seek out all available evidence before taking decisions
– Flexible and curious – you’re willing to dive into many different fields of business, learn new tools and concepts
– A native German speaker (important!) and competent in English (the languages of our customers and office respectively)

How we’re different

– We’re a relatively early-stage startup, which is honestly the most fun time. It’s when the big decisions get made and the most interesting problems need to be solved. It also means things stay varied and interesting
– Our product requires a few great people rather than many good ones. Joining our team will give you lots of opportunities to shape the company from the early days on
– We have meaty problems to solve: How can you accurately determine a store visit when GPS isn’t accurate enough? What can you infer about someone based on where they go?
– We’re at the forefront of a space that’s about to explode: location analytics is just starting to get really big in the US, while in Europe there are still fewer players
– We are all applied scientists – everything we do is data-driven
– We have a world-class team of investors and advisors
This rocket ship is going to Mars – claim your seat!

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